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New Student!

Well, before I ramble on about my day, I just want to say congratulation to the Mayor and Sally for the arrival of their new baby, Maxted! I'm really happy for you guys!

Today, I got up early in the morning as usual to meet with my students for our daily morning trek around Nool. Well, guess what? I got a new student...Rudy! Shocker there, eh? I always thought he was pouch-schooled. Well, Kangaroo came to drop him off, looking a bit sad that he didn't want to be in the pouch anymore. She gave me a smile and left, but lately we haven't talked much since the whole "whoville's a speck" incident.

Rudy was incredibly shy at first, but got comfterable around Jessica and Tommy. He's a bit freaked out by Katie though...I don't blame him...so am I.

Little guy has a great imagination though! Whenever the kids find something that they don't know what it is, Rudy always wonders if it could be this, or that, and of course that made me smile! Imagination to me, is important...a necessity for  life!

Well, I just got home and now I'm exhausted. Morton is here complaining that I forgot to bring some beezlenut oil for supper today...crazy little guy.

Word in the jungle is that there is possibly going to be a newcomer moving in....though I don't know...rumours in Nool aren't always trustworthy...considering what happened last time.

Well, I gotta go! Morton is still nagging me....Mayor, again, congratulations. How's Sally and the baby doing right now?

See ya!


Hey There!

Hellllloooooooooo Livejournal!

Mr name is Horton, and I'm an elephant residing in the fabulous Jungle of Nool.  I have a great best friends, named Morton, who always looks out for me, even if he is 10 feet away from where I'm in trouble. I'm also good friends with the Mayor of whoville, whom I lke to visit from time to time at Mt. Nool. Would you believe that they're town is a small speck? No one did at first...but now they do!

I hope to keep this journal updated to keep all the things that happen in my life in order, and to make new firends! Please, don't be hesitant to talk or ask about anything!

Well, I better go. I gotta go catch up with Tommy, Katie and the others for a swimming lesson. They're all doing so well, but Katie just can't seem to stay in the water...she always floats off...starnge kid...