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New Neighbor

Wow...sorry this is so late, I just got back from a moonlight stroll...trying to lose some weight

...and trying to avoid Morton's snores. He's a pretty heavy sleeper. :)

Well, as it turns, the rumors about a newcomer coming to Nool was true. Early in the morning, I noticed Mrs. Quilligan walking by, and she was talking on and on about a new resident. I decided to have a look for myself, and as it runs out, I have a new neighbor!

Her name is Gertude McFuzz, and she is such a sweet girl...she'sa bird, not sure what kind though. Morton and I went over to her house to welcome her into the neighborhood, and she seemed nice enough. She did look a bit diffrent, since she came from another land. She was wearing a weird fluffy blue coat and her hair was up in a wacky fashion. She was constantly blushing during our visit...I have no idea why.

Morton liked her, but that didn't stop him from being his sarcastic self. I noticed she also had a one feathered tail...I know, REALLY rude of me right? Well, she caught me looking at it, and it was my turn to blush. She told me it was okay and that it was normal...though she admitted to wanting a nice frilly tail.

After having a nice lunch at her house, we left, saying goodbye and giving her a nice hug. I really like her, and I just know we're going to be good friends.

Speaking of friends, how are my friends in Whoville doing (Sally, Jojo, Mayor, your other 96 daughters)? How's baby Maxted doing today? And Mayor...did the councilman give you a break? I read about it in your journal...

Well, I gotta go...I don't want to wake Morton up.



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Apr. 14th, 2008 12:03 am (UTC)
She sounds like a nice neighbor, Horton. We have a Gertrude living here in Whoville, too. She's head Councilman vonFrood's neice.

Maxted is great! He's such a happy little who-baby... He's so pudgy~

And yes, head Councilman vonFrood did give me a break, thanks to some help from Gertrude that is. He's letting me off until Sally's well enough to take care of Maxted with help from the other kids.

Morton sounds like a pretty loud guy...
Apr. 14th, 2008 12:27 am (UTC)
Yeah she seems really nice, though awfully shy. Wow! Another Gertude! Must be a pretty popular name, eh?

I'm so happy for you two...Maxted just sounds cuter and cuter each day I hear about him. I'm glad vonFrood gave you a break, it's about time you did! Your Gertrude sounds like a nice kid.

Um...yeah, he really is…and he’s smaller than I am…really scares me at times.
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