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Morton Info/Skitters Situation

So, a few days ago, I went out after class in search of Morton, since I have not heard from my little buddy for a while. It took me about an hour, but I finally found him and...

He is not doing so well...

He's been incredibly lonely ever since Gertrude and I have focused all our attention on Morton jr. So, he kind of secluded himself from the creatures of Nool and hasn't been eating regularly. He looked really sick. It really scared me so much to see him this way. He could barely walk, and it was all because I didn't hang out with him as much...I feel so horrible...Morton, I'm so sorry...*small cry*

He's currently staying with us, and we're trying our best to get him back to being his old, sarcastic self. I hope he gets better soon...I miss ya old buddy...:(

In other news, the Skitters situation has gone a bit awry yesterday. Kangaroo got extremely upset, up to the point where she was considering to take Rudy out of my class. Please don't take him out  because of Skitters! Your little joey is doing such a wonderful job in my class...he currently has the highest grades in class, and he has learned so much. Plus, I know he wouldn't want to be pouch-schooled again, especially now that he's made so many friends. Please don't take him out...he has such a bright future...

I do hope the Skitters situation doesn't go to crazy. Skitters, I know you're not a bad cat, but please don't get into too much trouble. For yours and Nool's sake.

So much is going on...oh dear...


Wonderful Time/Poor Skitters...

 Hey everyone!

I just want to say thanks to Kangaroo for taking care of Morton Jr. a few days ago. It really allowed for me and Gertrude to spend quiet a good amount of time together. It made me even happier to see how attached Morton Jr. was to not only Rudy, but Kangaroo as well. :D So yeah, much thanks for helping us out Kangaroo.

Lately, I've felt sorry for poor Skitters. He seems a bit freaked out right now and I don't know why. He's always stuttering and he didn't follow me and my class today. We did pass by his home on our morning walk, and when I asked him how he was doing, he look incredibly disheveled, and said something spooked him. Poor guy...hope he gets better.

My bud Morton hasn't been around much lately, and it makes me feel bad that I haven't hung out with him as much as I want to. Word has been getting out that he has not been so cocky and is in fact, a little bit lonely. If that is the case, I will immediately go and visit and do my best to comfort him. I mean, he DID befriend an elephant...and an elephant's faithful, 100%

Oh well, if anyone hears news of who scared Skitters or what Morton's up to, please let me know.

Catch ya later!


Long Time Nool See!

Hey everyone... I FINALLY got a chance to update here! I missed talking to my buddies :)

School is going great, and everyone is doing a fantastic job, though, this cat named Skitters tends to follow us and starts showing off "human" objects and stuff. It's interesting, I do admit, but I'm not so sure Skitters should be doing that. That might tick Kangaroo off and the Wickershams might get involved. and we don't want that...not fun at all :(

Also, Morton jr. is doing great. He enjoys flying off with his "Uncle" Vlad and playing Hide and Nool Seek with Rudy, Tommy and all the other kids. Gertrude and I are really proud of him. It feels so awesome to be a dad!

Gertrude and I haven't had much time together, which makes me a bit sad. If someone could volunteer to babysit little Morton for one night so that she and I could spend some time together, I would REALLY appreciate it. I miss all our quality time...I love that gal so much *big smooch*

Well, that's all I can say for now. Hopefully, this Skitters cat will end up to be a great friend...and not get into trouble...

Bye! And congrats to Midge and Mike on the marriage! Also, hey everyone in Whoville! How goes things?


Quick Update

Sorry I haven't updated and all...been very busy here...

Ah...Morton Jr. is really getting around...He can zip around almost anywhere now, and it's hard for Gertrude and I to get him down to each Lunch and Dinner at times.

Classes are about to start next month, so I'm going to have to plan out how Gertrude and I will work that out...I'm sure we won't need a babysitter, since Gertrude insists she stay with Morton Jr., but...I still want to have everything planned out...

I noticed there has been a little more drama occuring in Whoville...Get Better soon Midge! Gertrude got really worried when she heard the news...

Also, if anything, you guys can still call out for help if you ever need it....I may be a father now, but I'm always going to be there for you guys!

And being with Gertrude has been some of the best days of my life...Gertrude is so sweet, and is even teaching Morton how to control his flying pattern...I don't know what I'd do without her *kiss*

Well, I better go...Morton jr. is begging me to visit his "big brother" Rudy, and I did promise we'd go...


Gertrude's Gonna Kill Me For This...

Hey guys...um...yeah...funny story...

So, apparently, Gertrude discovered that her cousin, Mayzie has an egg. She flew off to tell her Aunt, and I promised that I would stay with Mayzie.

Well...when I went to visit Mayzie, she was on Gertrude's nest, sitting on her egg. I told her Gertrude left for a while, and she seemed to buy it. Then, I asked her about her egg (as she was showing it off a bit)and then...she began crying. She told me how miserable she felt for messing around with Tweed McFirth, and how he left her with an egg. She then tells me that she hasn't had any free time for herself, and was going to break the news to Gertrude, but that she was too embarrassed to. She was looking for support from her cousin...

Feeling sorry for her, I told her that if she wanted, that I'd sit on her nest for a while, sot hat she could have some free time. She took up my offer, thanking me several times and kissing me on the cheek before leaving for the watering hole.

So..yeah...it's me and the egg...shootin' the breeze...

Morton won't stop laughing...and Kangaroo finds it to be so absurd...she's kinda right though. ..

Aw well...it's only for a while. Mayzie will return soon...


PS, also, I heard rumors of "hunters" coming into Nool. Everybody please be careful...


I'm Back! I'm sorry if I frightened you guys with my sudden absence...Gertrude's tail grew to an abnormal size, and she ran off and so, I of course had to follow her! She is my friend, and I'd do anything for her1 So, once I caught up with her, she told me not to worry about it and that she will get it fixed the next time she goes to visit Dr. Drake...

She's okay now, she just got back from the doctor's and her tail is all fine and dandy. Morton says she did it all for me because she likes me, but that's not true! She told me so herself! We like each other, but not in the way you guys may think. Besides, I'm not ready to be tied down to one lady...I'm enjoying just baching it up with my good buddy, Morton.

Also, I apologize to Kangaroo and Rudy...I didn't mean to frighten you guys!

Oh, and by the way, Rudy, as much as I enjoy our time together, you should spend the day with your mom. She's proud of your accomplishments, but she misses being with you...even if it is hard for her to say so.


That is all...I'm off to go walking with Gertrude.


PS, I'm really worried for my Who friends right now..if anything you guys, I'm here for you! Just give me a yelp, and I'll run down there to help (not literally of course...that would be silly)


Yeah hey people...this is Morton writing for Horton...

Yeah...I've never done this before so...bear with me...

Horton's a little...off nowadays...Gertrude has gone missing for whatever reason and Horton has been worried sick for the past few days. He finally up and left to go look for her.

Don't worry your little heads though...Horton will be fine. Gertrude is just hiding from all of us because her tail...grew pretty big after her doctor's appointment. And when I say big, I mean BIG.

I will say, Horton is a bit of a doofus. The only reason she did that was because she wanted to impress him...why can't he see that he has someone who actually finds him attractive? Eww...I get goosebumps just thinking about it...

Anyways...he'll be back soon... I hope (I DO worry about that big guy...he is my best friend after all) and hopefully he'll find out why Gertrude is doing all this.

Oh, and I'm going to shoutout a big 'Hey!' to all you Who's...you're all...really awesome...

And whatever Horton told you about my snoring and cooking is a LIE. I sleep like an angel and I'm an awesome chef`.

-Morton the AWESOME rat

Graduation time...

Yes...my little students are graduating...I'm so proud! I promised Morton I wouldn't cry...

Well, technically, I'll get to teach them next year, but I'm still going to miss them around the time summer comes. They've all gotten good grades...even Katie...even though she is a bit slow at time...and scary...

Rudy got straight A's and is the valedictorian of our class. His mom is so proud and even told me that she was planning to have him enroll for next year. Yeah!

Speaking of which, Rudy asked me if he could hang out with me from time to time, because he still want to talk about a few things. I feel honored that this guy could trust me, but I'm curious to know why he can't talk to his mom about this kind of stuff.

I haven't heard from Gertrude for a while...Morton told me she went to a doctor named Drake for some reason and now she has a big poofy tail...Gee..I wonder why she thought she needed work done on her tail...she was pretty the way she was.

Ah geez...I gotta go...Morton's trying to cook and as far as I can smell, it's not going very well...


Having Some Fun

Well...it's been awhile since I posted...I HAVE been fairly busy after all, what with my afternoon class. Rudy is doing REALLY well right now...whenever I introduce the class to new insects and trees, he already knows about it. Why, just today he told me a little about the story behind the Truffula Trees we have here in Nool. Gosh, this kid knows more than I do at times!

Kangaroo is happy for him, but I see her from time to time watching us from a distance. It's kinda creepy, and I know Rudy is a bit embarassed by this too. I'll talk to her about it soon...when I have the guts.

Gertrude had been nothing but an absolute great friend these past few days. I love talking to her and every now and then we take afternoon strolls in the jungle. She even made me cookies! I have to think of something to give her...maybe a batch of clover-brownies.

Morton thinks Gertrude likes me LIKES me, but I don't think so....We're pretty normal around one another, even though she has a tendency to go red in the face...a lot. Maybe it's just a condition she has.

Well, I better prepare fro tomorrow's lesson plan. We might go visit the Lorax tomorrow to tell us more about the Truffula Trees. I know Rudy will enjoy that.


New Neighbor

Wow...sorry this is so late, I just got back from a moonlight stroll...trying to lose some weight

...and trying to avoid Morton's snores. He's a pretty heavy sleeper. :)

Well, as it turns, the rumors about a newcomer coming to Nool was true. Early in the morning, I noticed Mrs. Quilligan walking by, and she was talking on and on about a new resident. I decided to have a look for myself, and as it runs out, I have a new neighbor!

Her name is Gertude McFuzz, and she is such a sweet girl...she'sa bird, not sure what kind though. Morton and I went over to her house to welcome her into the neighborhood, and she seemed nice enough. She did look a bit diffrent, since she came from another land. She was wearing a weird fluffy blue coat and her hair was up in a wacky fashion. She was constantly blushing during our visit...I have no idea why.

Morton liked her, but that didn't stop him from being his sarcastic self. I noticed she also had a one feathered tail...I know, REALLY rude of me right? Well, she caught me looking at it, and it was my turn to blush. She told me it was okay and that it was normal...though she admitted to wanting a nice frilly tail.

After having a nice lunch at her house, we left, saying goodbye and giving her a nice hug. I really like her, and I just know we're going to be good friends.

Speaking of friends, how are my friends in Whoville doing (Sally, Jojo, Mayor, your other 96 daughters)? How's baby Maxted doing today? And Mayor...did the councilman give you a break? I read about it in your journal...

Well, I gotta go...I don't want to wake Morton up.